The Carthage Book Forum met for it’s first meeting of the 2019-2020 season Sept. 23 at 6 p.m. at the Sammy Brown Library.

President Karen Shamburger called the meeting to order. Hostesses Patsy Meck, Jeretta Thompson and Sherry Mahaffey brought in pizza, popcorn, candy and ice cream to welcome the members to a new season of fellowship, books and learning.

Shamburger announced the appointment of Sandra Maxey as Secretary, and Renee Duckworth gave the Treasurer’s Report. After roll call, Vice President Melanie Hudson passed out yearbooks for the upcoming year. This year’s theme is “Late Bloomers or Right on Time?” The club will learn about authors who began their writing careers later in life or as a second act after another career. The club will learn about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Anna Sewell, Toni Morrison, Alan Bradley, James Michener and Jon Clinch.

The Book Committee, Karen Stanley, Marian Foster, Pam Porter, Deanie Berry and Sherry Mahaffey, gave a description of the books that members will be reading this year as the books were distributed. Shamburger passed out copies of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Book Forum to every member and asked that they review the proposed amendments and be prepared to vote on them at the next meeting which will be Oct. 28.

Members present at the meeting were Karen Shamburger, Melanie Hudson, Patsy Meck, Jeretta Thompson, Sherry Mahaffey, Deanie Berry, Paula Carter, Barbara Cordell, Renee Duckworth, Danette Hooker, Karen Stanley, Marian Foster, Pam Porter, Sarah Davidson, Mary Jo George, Nancy Langford, Jeanie Lawrence, Sandra Maxey, Pat Smith and Susan Rucker.