Members of the Carthage Book Forum met at Sammy Brown Library on Nov. 22 to discuss and highlight the books they read over the last month, while maintaining this year’s theme of memorable friendships in literature.

All members were delighted by the meal, prepared by hostesses Barbara Cordell, Vickie Lacy and Mary Moss.

As the meeting ensued, President Sherry Mahaffey welcomed everyone and thanked the hostesses for the delicious meal. Secretary Barbara Cordell read the minutes of the last meeting, which were unanimously approved and proceeded with roll call and reflections of literary selections being discussed. Then, Treasurer Karen Shamburger shared the treasurer’s report with all.

Next, to the delight of all members, a program over “Of Mice and Men” and the complex and questionable friendship between the two main characters was then eloquently presented by Patsy Meck, who discussed the complexities of friendship and John Steinbeck’s literary style that pulls the reader in to an emotional story with a tragic ending demonstrated through the ineffectuality of choices when the conceit of human wishes is present.

Later a discussion ensued over the format of the Book Forum’s next meeting, which led to the charitable nature of the Book Forum’s members as the decision was made to collect goods for Mission Carthage and to participate in the community-wide disbursement of such goods to help families within our community.

The next meeting of the Carthage Book Forum will be held on December 13, 2021 at 6 p.m. at the office of Sherry Mahaffey.

Remember, read a book, for an adventure awaits!

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