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The Carthage Book Club met for their second September meeting.

The Carthage Book Club met Friday, Sept. 24, at the Murphy Payne Room at Panola College in Carthage.

The group enjoyed a Mexican fiesta buffet. The tables were beautifully adorned with large, bright centerpieces of pink, yellow, and green handcrafted tissue flowers assembled by hostess Jackie Griffin.

Brenda Giles introduced the guest speaker, Dan Wilkins. She shared with the group some of his many accomplishments throughout his continuing career. Watkins has been an active member of the Behavioral Health field for 48 years with a Doctoral Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. He is a licensed professional counselor, and a marriage and family therapist.

Watkins discussed the need for all of us to be aware and sensitive to the psychological needs of the people we know and love. He explained that the key components for seeking help for those in need of therapy are acknowledging the problem and understanding.

Brenda Giles appropriately named the meeting’s program, The Elephant in the Room. She encouraged the group to reach out to others, know the signs of mental illness and build strong relationships so successful progress can be made.

Elizabeth Anderson concluded the program by reading the poem, “The Blind Man and the Elephant” by Godfrey Saxe.

Following the program, President Toni Biggs called the meeting to order. The Collect was read by Jackie Griffin. Mary Ella Sherman read the minutes and correspondence. Walta Cooke gave the treasurer’s report and the meeting was adjourned.

The meeting was hosted by Walta Cooke, Toni Biggs, Jackie Griffin. The program was planned by Brenda Giles and Elizabeth Anderson. Members in attendance were: Elizabeth Anderson, Sarah Baker, Toni Biggs, Anita Brady, Perri Browning, Jean Bunyard, Walta Cooke, Tonya Cooke, Sarah Escoe, Brenda Giles, Nancy Gregg, Jackie Griffin, Wanda Hanszen, Kay Hubbard, Tresa Joffrion, Becky Jones, Sallie Lipsey, Nancy Mills, Elizabeth Morris, Sandy Payne, Jo Nell Phillips, Pat Reeves, Jackie Rodriguez, Twink Ross, Mary Ella Sherman and Kay Thomas.

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