Cain True Value donated health and safety kits to Carthage ISD through the Educational Heroes Campaign

Cain True Value, in partnership with the True Value Foundation, is providing free health and safety kits to Carthage ISD through the newly created Educational Heroes Safety Campaign.

To ensure the health and safety of students, teachers, administrators and staff at their local school, Cain True Value is donating kits comprised of hand sanitizer, KN-95 masks and hand soap.

At the beginning of the pandemic, True Value Manufacturing retooled its EasyCare paint production facility in Cary, Illinois, to produce FDA-approved hand sanitizer and other essential cleaning products to meet unprecedented nationwide consumer demand for health and cleaning essentials. In August, the True Value Foundation decided to go even further to address growing public need for these products as schools reopen by launching the Educational Heroes Safety campaign. This collaborative effort between the company and its independent retailers aims to keep America’s kids learning while keeping frontline educational heroes safe.