Bud Worley

Bud Worley

Panola Charter Schools is getting a new superintendent.

Bud Worley will replace current Superintendent Bob Browning in May. Worley has been in education for 36 years and lived in Panola County all his life, he said.

“I had an opportunity to serve on the board here I think about three years, and I have realized that there’s a definite need for the charter school here in Panola County,” Worley said. “...so the students who don’t necessarily care for the extracurricular or have a need to go to school and then be able to go to work half a day... it fits their schedule well. They can graduate.

“I guess the nicest part and the neatest part is I think, and a couple of the staff said it, that we’re the best kept secret in Panola County because they are able to get their high school credits but then also to be able to get college credits at the same time. They can graduate; we have several that have graduated with their associate’s degree and graduate from high school at the same time, and it didn’t cost them anything.”

The Panola Charter Schools System includes three schools: Panola Charter High School and Panola Early College High School in Carthage and Texas Early College High School in Marshall.

Worley is excited to become the new superintendent.

“I wanna access what our needs are, and I think that we have a very good staff, having been on the board and seen quite a few of them through the years, (I know) that we have a very quality staff that can provide good education for the students, a great opportunity for not only Carthage but the surrounding community as well, and so as we access our needs, we’ll address those needs as we go through and make the adjustments as we can.”

Worley said he hoped his new role was a great opportunity for the school.

“I think we’re hopefully poised for some growth, and not only here at the Charter School High School but as well as at the Early College campuses.”

New Principal

Another change to the Panola Charter Schools team is a new principal at Texas Early College High School in Marshall. Bob Garcia was chosen to serve as principal, and school officials said he has enjoyed a successful career in education in both the Marshall and Tatum ISDs.

Garcia was the science teacher as well as assistant principal during his 16 years at Marshall Junior High School at Marshall ISD, and then he was the Tatum Middle School principal, Tatum High School principal and Director of Support Services during the next 18 years he spent in Tatum ISD.

“We are fortunate to be able to have Mr. Garcia join our administrative team,” Bob Browning, current Panola Charter Schools superintendent, said. “He possesses the experience, the commitment and the leadership that we seek as we continue to offer quality educational experiences to our students.”

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