The Panola County Chamber of Commerce welcomed B’s Pit Crew BBQ with a ribbon cutting Monday morning.

The barbecue is sold out of a truck located outside Carthage Fire and Safety, 2699 SE Loop in Carthage. Shannon Chapman and Brandon Berry own the business.

“We’re excited about producing some good barbeque for Panola County,” Chapman said. “We started this back in April, right in the middle of all the COVID stuff. We looked at property and stuff around town and decided to buy us a brand new trailer, so we got one out of Georgia. Drove all the way to Georgia, picked it up. Been doing pretty good here.”

They open around 10:30 or 11 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and stay open until the food runs out or the customers stop coming, Chapman said.

“We offer everything from brisket to ribs,” Chapman said. “We have pork belly burnt ends, which we call lug nutz, that’ll go pretty good. We have all kinds of different sides. Off and on we have specialty items like brisket-stuffed baked potatoes, pulled pork sandwiches. We make all of our sauce in house; we don’t buy it from the store, and our pulled pork sandwiches come with a root beer sauce that’s pretty good.”