Bless this Mess Rally will be held June 11-12.

Kelli Taylor and a friend of hers hosted the first Bless this Mess Rally in 2019, inviting members of Taylor’s Christian women’s Facebook group to come together to hear local women speak — and this year the event is open to all women across the community.

“We’re all just living a messy life trying to make it work, and through Jesus we’re just very blessed...” Taylor said. “We were overwhelmed with the response of women saying things like ‘We need this greatly in our community.’ I received this, and everybody’s perception of what they brought back was different and has blessed us.”

The event will be held Friday, June 11 and Saturday, June 12 at the TCMA Event Center in Carthage. Doors open at 5 p.m. Friday with speaking starting at 6 p.m., and 8 a.m. Monday with speaking from 9 a.m. to noon. They’ll stay open until 2 p.m. to give women a chance to shop their vendors, network and visit with one another. Tickets are $15 for both days.

“Our goal is to have an event that is outside the walls of the church,” Taylor said. “It is for Jesus girls, but we know it’s a little intimidating for girls that maybe haven’t been in a church pew for a while or haven’t ever gone to church to walk into a church to an event, and it’s intimidating, and we want to host it for everybody to come and feel welcome, ages 14 to 114 is what we say.”

Including Taylor, there will be five women speaking to those gathered Friday and Saturday. Besides Taylor, Linda Kyrish, Tori Yule, LeAnne Seals and Nicole Still will speak, with Megan Adams as the emcee.

Taylor encourages people to come out to the event because of the blessings it can bring.

“This is a local event that we want to grow, and there’s going to be somebody there that they know, and they’re going to be blessed by attending by some story, the worship or a conversation that they may have,” she said. “They’re all going to be blessed by that.”

Food for the event will be provided by B’s Pit Crew BBQ. They will serve dinner on Friday night, breakfast on Saturday morning and lunch on Saturday. Meals are not included in the ticket price. A number of vendors will be set up for the event. Those include For the Beauty of Love, Backwoods Beauty, Cuddles and Puddles, Dusty Lace Corral, Silver Creek Ranch, Park Lane Jewelry, Saint’s Makeup, Farmaci Makeup, 100 Percent Mindset Nutrition, Paparazzi Jewelry, Scentsy and Colorstreet Nails.

The TMCA Event Center is located at 5371 NW Loop in Carthage.

Tickets can be bought at the door or online at

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