Beckville ISD students and teachers are meeting or exceeding state and federal guidelines in nearly all categories as tallied on the Texas Academic Performance Report and the Federal Report Card for Texas Public Schools.

Beckville Associate Superintendent and Curriculum Director Loretta Blair provided highlights of the 70-page report to the board at a Jan. 9 regular meeting.

“There’s a lot of information, but the thing that we’ve really been talking about since we got the information as far as principals, meetings with parents and community members, is just how do we score academically in comparison to other schools, to the state and how can we move up and how can we improve,” Blair said.

“Our scores look awesome,” she said. “We look great, but there’s always room for improvement.”

In the state accountability rating, the district as a whole scored an “A,” as did the junior and senior high campuses. Sunset Elementary had a “B” in the rating.

Blair said the ratings are based on how individual Beckville students did on the STARR test.

The one area where district students scored below the state average was for eighth grade social studies, where the district had a 53 percent passing grade compared to the state average of 61 percent. Blair said a new teacher is making headway in that area with future expectations to be higher.

Beckville STARR Performances are listed with the Beckvile scores listed follow by the state average in (XX%):

• Grade 3 Reading 93% (76%); math – 90% (71%)

• Grade 4 Reading 91% (77%); math – 84% (70%)

• Grade 5 Reading 89% (81%); math – 91% (77%); science – 82% (66%)

• Grade 6 Rearing 90% (70%); math – 88% (73%)

• Grade 7 Reading 90% (80%) math – 90% (61%)

• Grade 8 Reading 91% (83%); math – 94% (71%); science – 96% (74%); social studies 53% (61%)

Other Items

The Beckville High School Bearkat mascot, Mari Johnson, addressed the board during the public comment portion of the meeting asking them in the future to consider adding a second mascot to share the duties. She said her role as mascot has received lots of positive public support from parents, students and fans at sporting events.

“Admittedly, the primary task of the mascot is to work with the cheerleaders on the sidelines,” she said. “Considering the undeniable benefit of engaging with fans in the stands, I propose that you all consider the opportunity for a pair of mascots moving forward in the spirit program.”

Johnson said many school districts now have two mascots, often with the male and female persona.

“The result would be double the community engagement and field engagement with little to no increase to the current cheer budget,” she said.

Superintendent Devin Tate said the board and administration would look into the request.

“We’ll visit a little further on this and hopefully have a decision in time tryouts this year,” he said.

In honor of Texas School Board Appreciation Month, board members were recognized by Tate.

“I appreciate the job you do, not only for me, but for the entire district,” Tate said. The district’s culinary arts program prepared a table filled with snacks for the board while the principals from the elementary, junior high and high school campuses each presented individual board members with books donated to the school libraries in their honor as a token of their appreciation.

Beckville Elementary School Principal Brandon Kruebbe said their position as volunteer leaders takes a huge commitment.

“We know the time to volunteer, the training that goes into it and the complaints you can get and have to address, I do appreciate the leadership and the things you do for the community and for our kids and staff as well,” Kruebbe said.

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