Beckville ISD’s estimated taxable value has increased by more than $11.5 million, a 3.35 percent increase moving from $333,124,170 to $344,658,523.

These estimates were provided to Beckville ISD by the Panola County Appraisal District, Beckville ISD Business Manager Charmaine Chappell said.

“This an unusual year,” Superintendent Devin Tate said. “It seems like we’ve said that before, but this is a very I would think unusual year as far as looking at values in a district and the changes that we’ve already seen and the difference in the calculations and what’s to come. I would tell you that estimate... we use that term loosely. We have studied this. Charmaine spent a considerable amount of time looking at this from several different vantage points comparing it to estimated values of years past, things of that nature.”

Chappell said that the numbers compared were those as of April 2019 and those as of April 2020.

“We’re trying to be somewhat optimistic about it, but if you consider what Charmaine has told us, there’s a chance we may break even or come close to breaking even as far as the overall values go,” Tate said. “But like I said, it’s a very unusual year, and a lot of, I think as many unknowns as there are knowns at this point.”