The Beckville ISD Board of Trustees approved their 2019-2020 budget at a special meeting Aug. 29.

The budget revenues and expenditures are both $7,748,732, and they adopted a tax rate of 97 cents per $100 valuation. The tax rate is entirely on the maintenance and operations side of the budget because the district has no debt. The cafeteria budget is $250,000, with the expenditures the same.

At their budget workshop the previous week, board members went through the budget item by item.

One board member asked Superintendent Devin Tate what made the jump in the athletic budget.

“The compensation’s in there for some of it in the coaching part, so that’s some of it,” Tate said. “... One of the things, if we get a run in the play-offs like we did in volleyball, where they’re spending the night, I mean we got a $5,000 pot of money there to travel your kids for the season, and (if) you spend that in that one round of play-offs... our regional tournament was in Longview this year, so that wasn’t the expense, where we got in the expense is the state tournament.”

The board also discussed what happens in the budget when more experienced teachers retire and are replaced with newer teachers.

“It’s very much a wash,” Tate said. “So you kinda plan around that number, if you’re surprised how close it’ll be, the first couple years I did this, we had several teachers that were retiring at the top of their career and top of the salary scale, and we replaced them with new teachers, and I had in my mind, we were gonna save... what I didn’t account for is with that every teacher on staff gained a year, so their salaries went up, and the overall of it was a wash, and so that’s something Charmaine (Chappell) and I kind of learned over the years. You really can’t say ‘Well we’re gonna have four retire, 30-year teachers retire and we’re gonna save $20,000. It doesn’t because even though you replace them with less (experienced) teachers, everybody makes a jump, so it’s a total wash.”