The future of a dog agreement the City of Beckville has with Carthage Veterinary Hospital to pick up and take away stray dogs depends on funding — which city officials said they don’t have.

The agreement with the Veterinary Hospital and whether it should be ended was discussed but ultimately tabled among Beckville City Council members at their meeting last week, with no action taken.

“What it is, we’re losing money, folks, on this dog situation,” Beckville Mayor Gene Mothershed said. “We have one guy that’s, we’ve hauled off five or six dogs at $85 a piece, and so between the four and five hundred dollars these cost us in dogs, it’s just, come up to his house, and he wants them hauled off, he wants them out of here. So I don’t know, do y’all wanna continue doing this or I mean, is this acceptable?”

Each dog brought to the vet costs the city $85, but the city doesn’t have funding for the program.

“I hesitate to do away with it completely... but at the same time, you can’t just keep going in the hole with something like this,” Mothershed said. “You’ve got to break even somewhere.”

City Secretary Peggy Harris said the program is costing them about $1,500 a year.

“If everybody in town would contribute 17 cents a day, we could keep our dogs under control without having any trouble,” Mothershed said. “Getting that 17 cents, they just don’t wanna pay it. They said ‘Well, make the man that owns the dog pay for it,’ I said ‘well that would be nice if I could,’ but a lot of these people come in and dump the dogs out, and they don’t have a collar on them, there’s no serial number on them, they don’t have a chip. I mean you don’t know who’s dog they are, they just show up at somebody’s, like they may show up at Cotton Broomly’s house in the morning, they may have two dogs out there laying in his driveway, out there hungry, poor and wanting something to eat and you really can’t blame the dog. I don’t know, it’s a bad situation.”

Council members decided to table the discussion until they could try to figure out the funding issue.

“I know a lot of people let their (dogs) run wild, and a lot of these pit bulls run wild, and I know the reason why this was passed to begin with, but the same people who wanted it passed, they don’t wanna fund it,” Mothershed said. “And we don’t have any funding for this program. Only thing I could think of would be to table it until we can figure out a way to.”