Beckville started the rebuild for their community playground Tuesday, and by noon they’d already made good progress.

“First day’s going great; we’ve had about 60 volunteers,” organizer Amy English said. “It quit raining this morning, so we’re happy about that, and so the goal today is to set all these posts, to get some concrete in the holes, and that’ll be huge for today, if it’ll just stop raining. It’s been a nice day so far. We’ve got a lot done, got a lot of good volunteers, and we’re rolling, we hit the ground rolling this morning, this has been good.”

Beckville is rebuilding the community build playground they lost when it burned down last November. The community build will take place through Sunday at the site of the original playground behind the Beckville First United Methodist Church.

Volunteers will work in three shifts from 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. More volunteers are always welcome. Those interested in volunteering can call English at (903) 918-3422, but they’re also welcome to come just any time they’re available. Volunteers will be served lunch and dinner, and free childcare will be available.

Organizers are also still selling engraved fence pickets at Ridgeway CNC and T-shirts at By Designs in Beckville to raise money.

Crew leader Cherry Downs wasn’t here for the first build, but said Tuesday she was excited to join the community for this build.

“I am a coach and teacher here in Beckville,” she said. “We’ve been a part of the community for nine years, and it’s an exceptional community. I’ve never been a part of a better community; I’ve worked in several different towns... we call this community home, and you can see by all the people here working that we’re very close knit. Everybody knows everybody, and everybody’s happy to help.”

Patrick Smith is also a crew leader for the build. Smith has lived here his whole life and cited the community’s closeness too. He said there’s no other place in America like Beckville.

“We’re just all out here to rebuild the park for the kids, we want everybody to come out that can and just try to get a good community effort and make sure everybody gets out here, and one we’re trying to have a good time, and two we’re trying to make sure that everybody is having good fellowship...” he said. “I was here 10 years ago when we built it the first time around, and it was very tragic that it burnt and caught fire, but it’s a way to kind of reunite and rebuild is what Amy says, so that’s what we’re trying to do, reunite and rebuild.”

Beckville ISD’s superintendent Devin Tate was there helping out too. He said helping with the playground was another way to help out the kids and be closer to them.

“It’s a community event, and it’s always fun to be a part of it, you get a lot of people together and get to do something we’re not used to always doing, I mean this is a little different then most of our normal jobs, so it’s a challenge, but a fun way to give back,” Tate said. “I like to be around people, and we’ve got a lot of kids out here, and that makes it fun and just try to do something for the kids and something for the community, so it’s just really a pleasure, it’s not work at all. It feels really good to do something different. I like to be involved with kids and people, and this is a little bit different then my normal gig.”

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