Virginia Aaron said she “lives to dance.”

“I love this place,” Aaron, a resident at Carthage Healthcare, said. “I’ve been here before, several times... This is excellent music. I wanna come every chance I get. Every chance I get.”

Aaron, along with numerous other residents from Carthage, Center and Henderson nursing homes, retirement homes and hospices gathered Friday afternoon at Still Waters Cowboy Church to attend the second annual Senior Citizen Prom.

Each facility had a table they decorated for the event. The theme was focused on old Hollywood, and residents from Carthage Healthcare, Panola County Nursing and Rehab, Winkler Place, Briarcliff Skilled Nursing Center, HeartsWay Hospice, Texas Home Health, A Pineywoods’ Home Health, Angel Care Hospice and Autumn Leaves Nursing and Rehabilitation Center attended.

Kim Henigan with HeartsWay Hospice said they wanted to provide an opportunity for residents to get out, dress up and enjoy themselves together. Janet Ritter with Texas Home Health said that many of the residents told her last year that this had been their first prom.

“They said that most of them didn’t get to go to their high school prom,” Ritter said. “They had to like, quit school early or whatever, and so that was a lot of them’s first prom. It was sweet... They didn’t get to attend their high school prom, so last year when we did it was their first time, so they were excited.”

Ana Lea Rowson, a retired minister who said she’s lived at Winkler Place for six months, won the crown for Prom Queen. She said it was a wonderful surprise, and the Prom King, Frankie Freeman of Carthage Healthcare, agreed.

Rowson enjoyed the opportunity to come out to the prom.

“Well I enjoy it because it’s an opportunity for us to get out a little bit and socialize with other people,” she said. “... It’s a wonderful opportunity to see other people our age in an environment that’s just real pleasant, and I understand they’re gonna have good food, so that’s wonderful, so I’m enjoying it.”

Halcy Wallis of Briarcliff agreed that it was a good time. Something she really enjoyed about the prom was the opportunity to dress up.

“Getting dressed up, you feel good about yourself for a change,” Wallis said. “And we got to go shopping to pick our dresses, and we had a ball doing that. ... and everybody found a dress, isn’t that marvelous? And I even got shoes to match. ... It was fun, we had a real good time.”