A New England Patriots star and several members of the Women’s Basketball League Hall of Fame are among the speakers planned this summer as part of Excellent TEEN Choice’s “Straight Talk” events.

Sharon Roberson-Jones, executive director of Excellent TEEN Choice, said the events are called “Straight Talk” because the speakers will be real with the audience members.

“They’re gonna be honest with them,” Roberson-Jones said. “It’s not all about the glamour, but you’re gonna have to work hard. If you wanna succeed, you’re gonna have to work at it, and that’s why it’s called Straight Talk. It’s just being real.”

New England Patriots football player Adam Butler will speak in the first session on June 18 at 11 a.m. Women’s Basketball League Hall of Famers Peggy Pope, Retha Swindell, Debra K. Thomas and Rosie Walker will speak in the second session on June 25 at 11 a.m. Eric Love, pastor of Longview’s Church of Purpose, will speak in the third session July 9 at 11 a.m. and Otis Amy and Randy Hudson will speak in the fourth session on July 16 at 11 a.m.

Roberson-Jones said the speakers will talk about their lives.

“It’s gonna be like an open forum where the audience will be able to ask questions, but it’s basically about their lives, some of the decisions they had to make, gonna be based on some discussion about continuing their education,” she said. “Also, using maybe possible scholarships, football, whatever athletic scholarships to pay for their college.”

Roberson-Jones said Butler will touch on giving back to the community in his talk.

“He’s a big advocate of that,” she said.

Roberson-Jones said that anybody can come to the events, but they would like to know ahead of time if they’re coming to help them plan for the lunch that will be provided.

After the talks, there will be time for audience members to get autographs as well.

Roberson-Jones said the events are important because they can give kids a first hand view of what real life is about and what people go through in order to get where they are.

The sessions will take place throughout the summer at the Carthage High School Auditorium at No. 1 Bulldog Drive. To RSVP to any of the sessions, call (903) 694-2664 or email info@etcteens.org.