Sunflower Mercantile is planning a Dr. Seuss themed event to bring in the holiday with “A Kazoo-sical Christmas.” The event will be on the Carthage Square on Nov. 30 at noon.

“We’re gonna have a time when we’re all gonna hum Christmas carols and Christmas songs together,” said Scott Reeves, owner of Sunflower Mercantile. “We’ve got the kazoos, and we’re passing them out for free to everybody.”

There will also be a costume contest with three categories — Little Whos for infants through fifth-graders, Middle Whos for sixth- through twelfth-graders and Brittle Whos for adults.

“We need some stuff going on in the square, and we tried to think of something,” Reeves said. “Like Fort Worth and some different big cities have what they call ‘A Tuba Christmas,’ where people bring their tubas down, and they all have hundreds of people playing tuba Christmas carol stuff, and I thought, ‘What could we do like that that’s different, and it would be kinda our thing?’

“We just thought, well, we’ll get everybody together, and we’ll get kazoos, and we’ll just kazoo Christmas — kazoo the season in.”

Reeves said they’re getting a good response for it, and they even have friends driving in from out of town for it.

“It’s good for whole families,” he said. “You can bring your whole family down here, kids, parents, grandparents. It’s just a fun thing to do together. Won’t cost them anything, they can get out there, they can have a good time, they see their friends. It just builds kind of community spirit. We just think it’s good for that.”