Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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FaithLife Devotional

Jan. 2, 2018 at 5:01 p.m.


In two days, the year 2018 will arrive. Are you ready? It really doesn't matter if you are ready, it will come anyway. Here are six tips on how you can make the New Year your best year ever.

Read through the Bible in a year. Instead of making resolutions about losing weight or stopping a bad habit (which we never do), try exercising your spiritual muscles. When you get into God's Word, God's Word will get into you and transform your life.

Plan on having a daily devotional time. Determine now that you will spend a few moments each morning with God. Don't leave your spiritual growth to chance; be intentional. In your devotional time, study the Bible, pray, and worship. You will be amazed how ready you will be for your day, when you spend it with the Lord.

Speak with one person a month about Christ. Sadly, many believers never share their faith with others. They live sixty to eighty years and never tell anyone about Christ. Purpose in your heart that you will seize the windows of opportunity that God sends your way.

Get involved in a ministry at your church. God made you to serve. You find contentment, fulfillment, and joy when you become involved in the ministry of your church. Don't wait to serve; get involved making a difference in the lives of others.

Take a short-term mission trip. Instead of using your vacations selfishly, use one of your vacations to visit a mission field, encourage a missionary, and be apart of what God is doing all around the world. A mission trip will open your eyes and touch your heart in ways you never imagined.

Invest your life into the life of a child. So many children live in a home without any godly influence. Determine to be that influence. Your touch can forever change a child's heart, filling that child with hope and purpose.

God has given you a new year with endless possibilities. Don't waste it. If you do, you will regret the missed opportunities.



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