Saturday, February 17, 2018

Things that Matter

By Buddy Bankhead
Sept. 1, 2017 at 4:32 p.m.

Here I am, sitting "high and dry," counting my blessings, grateful beyond words and writing about things that matter! But I know that the people affected by Hurricane Harvey can tell us all much better of what really matters! They are telling us in newscasts, newspapers, texts, phone calls, by their expressions, tears, happiness of being rescued, being reunited with family, friends, pets, and with life itself. I stand amazed as I hear each story, see each rescue, each decision made in spite of the pressure of survival, of love of children, family, friends, of thinking of others, of "not knowing" what would be best to do! Amazing volunteers, and those who organize and prioritize the plans to respond, leadership from homes and from national and state offices! Help from all over these United States of America! From the military, the medical facilities, law and order departments, from disaster relief organizations, churches, from the prayers of millions, from thousands lined up trying to get to those in need. "Human nature at its best" as someone has said. Still, many lives are lost and many lives given in untiring efforts to prevent such loss.

Our daughter used to baby-sit a little girl named CeCe along with her younger brother. CeCe is now a grown lady with a family and a pharmacy which was threatened by the flood waters. CeCe posted on Facebook how that they needed physical labor wherever their business is and gave credit to God in sending "fresh, strong men from Arkansas who were supposed to be delivering a generator and who stayed for days!" She said, "We needed backhoes. God sent us friends who knew friends with backhoes! We needed materials and dirt. God had 'pre-given' us a best friend for my daughter whose parents happen to own a construction company who got us the only dirt available anywhere. Topsoil! We needed food. God gave us friends who drove out and fed an army while I was moving to a hotel and had no place to cook. We needed lodging and God gave us a clean, new, nice 'not-booked-up' hotel THAT ACCEPTS PETS! He also gave us offers from friends. We needed prayer in the middle of the night and God gave us "prayer warriors," awake and vigilant, at 3:30 a.m. who literally held our arms up like Aaron did Moses in the Bible. We needed peace and God calmed us when we should have been hysterical. We needed answers and God gave us friends who could answer questions we had about flooding. We needed people with rescue boats to save friends of friends. God sent those too." CeCe said, "I could go on and on but I have to tell you that God is good. I hope you know Him. If God had chosen to let our business take on water, I still know that He would have had some reason and He would have made things known in time. . . . .Keep praying as the storms are still nearby and know we are fighting hard!"



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