Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Locals karate students compete in nationals

Nov. 7, 2017 at 4:16 p.m.

Students who went to the 2017 Nationals in Montgomery, Texas were (front) Livie George, Derek Pace, Matilyn Ware, Walyon George, Jackson Pace, Jantzen Kyrish, Clayon Ritter, (back) Toby Broadus, Harlee Mathews, Madison Jacks, Jose Santana, Dustan Mathews, Aaron Williams, Abraham Santana, Jose Vega, Clayton Sirmans and Destiny Wade.

Local karate students recently competed in the 2017 National United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation at the La Torretta Lake Resort in Montgomery, Texas.

The students, who are under instructor Gene Riggs, worked hard in the sparing, form, and team competitions. Taking 1st place in the Nation is the Region 6 Dan (Black Belt) Demo Team. The Dan Demo team consisted of: Austin McKinney, Sarah Gale and Alex Gale of Marshall Karate, Devin Allison of Carthage Karate, Roy Ramirez of Ft. Stockton Karate, Leighanna Edwards, Nadia Borja and Robbie Ackerly of Montgomery Karate. Devin Allison, Leighanna Edwards, Nadia Borja and Robbie Ackerly also took 1st Place in the Youth Dan (Black Belt) Team Competition.

Sarah Gale and Robbie Ackerly were also part of the Youth Dan Team that took 1st Place at Nationals 2016 in the same division in Anaheim, California, thus bringing home the 1st Place Trophy at the National Competition two years in a row.

Other students also placed in the demonstration portion of Nationals 2017: Clayton Sirmans, Madison Jacks, Harlee Mathews, Dustan Mathews, Jose Vega, and Carter Burnett performed as a Green Belt team winning 1st in the nation. Destiny Wade, Abraham Santana, Jose Santana, and Aaron Williams performed as a Red Belt team winning 2nd in the nation.

Nationals 2017

Toby Broadus (Red Belt Youth) Sparing - 1st, Form - 3rd,

Harlee Mathews (Green Belt 8-10) Sparing - 4th, Form - 4th, Team-1st green belt

Madison Jacks (Green Belt 10-11) Sparing - 1st, Form - 4th, Team-1st green belt

Jose Santana (Red Belt 10-12) Sparing - 2nd, Form - 4th, Team 2nd red belt

Dustan Mathews (Green Belt Men 35-45) Sparing - 4th, Form - 4th, Team-1st green belt

Aaron Williams (Red Belt 14-16) Sparing - 4th, Form - 2nd, Team-2nd red belt

Abraham Santana (Red Belt 10-12) Sparing - 4th, Form - 4th, Team-2nd red belt

Jose Vega (Green Belt 9-10) Sparing - 5th, Form- 5th, Team-2nd green belt

Clayton Sirmans (Red Belt Pee-Wee) Sparing - 1st, Form - 1st, Team-1st green belt

Destiny Wade (Red belt 10-11) Sparring 3rd, Forms - 4th, Team-2nd red belt



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