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A Black Friday Find You Shouldn’t Overlook

Nov. 22, 2016 at midnight

It’s 3:47am, the sun hasn’t even thought about coming up, and you’re here with the rest of town waiting in line to score the juiciest discounts. In 13 minutes, the doors will open. Your heart begins racing as you see the store employees preparing for what’s ahead. That’s when the crowd begins shoving and inching closer and closer to the door. And in 3…2…1… the doors are open and the game is on.

This is Black Friday – high stress, early wake-up, angry crowds. Black Friday is a great way to save some cash and go insane, but is there a better way?

Two words: gift cards. It is the best present for everyone you need to buy for this holiday season. BankRate reports that 84% of Americans have received gifts cards and 74% have given one. By the end of the season, over $140 billion dollars will be loaded onto gift cards and sales have been increasing for years. While some consumers may think of gift cards as an impersonal gift, surveys suggest most people would rather get a gift card than another sweater that they’ll probably return anyway. A National Retail Federation 2014 survey found that six out of ten people (60%!) would prefer to receive a gift card as a present over anything else.

Many people think that giving a gift card makes you seem detached, but gift cards are just as meaningful as a personalized sweater. We spend so much time preparing and shopping and stressing only to be unsuccessful when purchasing gifts, and we usually end up with a mediocre present. A 2014 survey from online retailer Rakuten states that three out of four Americans won’t like the gifts they receive. If you are statistically likely to buy an unwanted, meaningless present, save yourself the stress and simply buy a gift card.

Save time and energy by purchasing a gift card from a retailer you know your recipient loves. Many electronics, clothing, restaurants, and massage and day spa retailers have really great Black Friday gift card deals. Gift cards allow people to spend money the way they want to spend it. It takes out the pressure of not returning that unwanted item. Wouldn’t it be better if the person used it how they wanted to? It takes out the middleman and streamlines the process. Plus, people’s wants and needs change daily. What they want today will change by the time Christmas rolls around.

So, this year, buy the gift card, put it into a meaningful handwritten card, and let yourselves enjoy the holiday season the way it’s supposed to be… with everyone’s faces to their phones buying stuff online with their brand-new gift card riches.

Massage Envy of Longview has a great gift card offer this year. When you buy $100 in gift cards, receive $25 free; when you buy $150 in gift cards, receive $50 free. Use the extras on yourself or give them away! It’s a great deal and everyone loves a little ME time. To take advantage of this great offer visit your local Massage Envy at 3088 N Eastman Rd, Ste. 100, in the Target Shopping Center or call us at 903-663-2600 to schedule your massage today.



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