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Columnist: Could there be something better than a click-through rate?

Aug. 18, 2016 at midnight

Since the beginning of digital advertising, we have been conditioned to think about the click-through rate as the best way to gauge a successful campaign. But is there another way? With today’s sophisticated targeting and tracking tactics, there is definitely more to look at and think about.

Most people do not click on digital display ads. The real value of targeted display advertising is the ability to expose people to your brand where they spend most of their time online. Before the digital age, no one was able to click on print ads, TV ads, or radio ads. You placed your messages there to reach people where they spent an enormous amount of time. It’s no different with digital display ads. You are exposing people to your message, which in this day and age is online. In fact, on average Americans spend over 150 hours per month consuming online content.

Your click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of clicks on an ad divided by the number of times it has been displayed. When someone sees a display ad while surfing the web, they may click and are then directed to the advertiser’s website. This is presented as a percentage in monthly reporting.

View through traffic, however, is when a person sees an ad online and does not click on the ad, but was influenced by it. They later find their way to the brand’s website, either by a Google search or by going directly to the website. This is tracked through a view-through pixel placed on your homepage.

Research and analytics show someone is up to 1900% more likely to view your ad, not click it, and come in to your business than someone who clicked your ad. This can also be tracked using specialized reporting. The power of display advertising is in the view. Not the click.

Advocate Digital Media provides you in-depth monthly reporting to show you exactly how your campaign is performing and a complete picture of the health of your digital campaign. Have a conversation with your digital rep today about adding these components to your digital strategy.



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