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8 Tips for Combatting Back-to-School Stress

Aug. 9, 2016 at midnight

As summer quickly comes to an end, your family may be beginning to feel the tension related to the back-to-school season. To beat the stress, and to ensure a smooth transition for your family, check out the eight tips below.

1) Get Back Into the School Year Sleep Schedule

Sleep is vital for your child’s health, and there’s no worse way to start off the school year than in a foggy and sleep-deprived state. To cut down on school year stress, get your child back into the school year sleep schedule at least two weeks before school starts. This will give your family enough time to adjust and ensure that your child is bright-eyed on their first school day of the year.

2) Create a Morning Routine

If your child has trouble staying on task in the mornings, consider creating a morning routine that’s consistent and easy to follow. A morning routine provides the structure that your child needs, which will reduce your stress as well as your child’s.

3) Clean Out the Closet

When you condense the clothing options available to your child, you make it easier for them to make a decision which will significantly decrease clothing-related power struggles. Before the school year begins, sort through the clothing in your child’s closet and dresser. Decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to store away for next year. This will keep your child’s options limited, and it will also keep their rooms less cluttered.

4) Stock Up on School Supplies Early

Avoid the school supply scramble by stocking up on school supplies as early as possible. While back-to-school sales can save you a bit of money, they can also create more stress and give you an unnecessary sense of urgency. Instead, keep an eye on sales throughout the summer and stock up on different supplies as they become available. This will keep last minute shopping to a minimum.

5) Prepare As Much As Possible the Night Before

There are likely a number of things that you do in the morning that can actually be done the night before, providing you with more time and less stress. Pack lunches, set out school clothes, and make sure all homework and school supplies are in school bags. For those serious about cutting stress out of their mornings, consider preparing breakfast the night before (or having leftovers for breakfast)!

6) Get the Kids Involved

When you get your child involved in creating their own daily routine, they tend to be more willing to stick with it. Let your child decide what outfit to wear the next day, and allow them to help you pack the family’s lunches. It’s a great time to teach your child different responsibilities, as well as a way to connect.

7) Start a Family Exercise Routine

Exercise is a great way to manage life’s stresses, and a family exercise routine will provide your family with a fun activity to bond over. Before the school year starts, get your family used to a nightly after-dinner walk or a weekly bike ride.

8) Set Aside Some “Me” Time For Yourself

You know that spending some time on yourself is good for you, but making those precious moments happen can be challenging. Recognize that you deserve some time for yourself to renew and refresh. Guilt may be holding you back, but if you feel less stressed, everyone in your life benefits.

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With the new school year right around the corner, it’s important to do all that you can now to reduce any back-to-school stress. With the eight tips above, you’ll be off to a great, stress-free school year.



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