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Our Readers Write

April 5, 2016 at 3:13 p.m.

Dear Editor:

I am writing to let people know that the scammers are out in full force. The worst one is robo calls from someone claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service. They tell you that there is an issue with your tax return and that the IRS has filed a law suit against you. They also state that there is warrant which has been issued for your arrest. If you receive these calls, either don't bother with them, or you can do what I did call them back.

Calling them back you need to get certain information for the IRS. You need to give both numbers, the one the initial call was made from and the one they leave to call back to them to the IRS. Once you get them on the line you need to get the person's full name, badge number and any other pertinent information that you think the real IRS can use to track these people down and arrest them. You can call the Internal Revenue Service and report the calls, or you can email the IRS at If you are receiving these calls please turn them into the IRS. They cannot stop these people if they do not know about the scams.

I received a call the other day, and I had had it. I called the number and lite into the guy on the other end of the phone. I told him I knew that this was a scam, I spoke to the real IRS and there was no law suit or arrest warrants on me. He hung up, and I called right back told him not to hang up on me until I had my say. I told him to remove my phone number as well as my mother's giving him both numbers and he hung up again. Called right back and told him not to hang up on me again or else. I told him if the calls did not stop that I would make it my life's mission to hunt him and his little group down and see to it that they weren't just put in jail but put under the jail. Restated my phone number and my mother's and reminded him to remove these two numbers from their call list or else they would be the ones with the police showing up at their house. Then I hung on him. I haven't received any more calls.


Shannon Kaye Ebarb



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