Open Table

Southside Baptist Church will host a “cochon de lait” feast on Saturday during its weekend revival.

Southside Baptist Church in Carthage will host a “cochon de lait” feast Saturday, Feb. 15 as part of their wider revival services.

A “cochon de lait” is a pig roast, where the pig is cooked in the Dutch oven-like “Cajun microwave.”

“The men of Southside will begin cooking the pig early on Saturday morning, and everyone is welcome to stop by during the day to enjoy some fellowship while it’s cooking,” the church said in a news release.

Revival services start at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, where Vision America founder Rick Scarborough will speak. Scarborough is an evangelist, pastor and author who has worked to bring God’s word to the world. The “cochon de lait” feast will also be served, which will include pork, homemade cowboy beans, potato salad and desserts. The church also plans to have plenty of “Slap Ya Mama” and Tony Chachere’s seasonings to spice up the meal.

Scarborough will return Sunday morning to preach the worship service at 10:45 a.m.

“The church family at Southside-Carthage invites you and your family to join them! “Laissez le bon temps rouler” ...”Let the GOD times roll” with your friends at Southside!” the church said.

Southside is located at 1501 W. Sabine St. in Carthage, at the intersection of the Carthage Loop and Texas 315.

For more information, call (903) 693-6397 during regular office hours.