Ross Powell and Annie Mae Duke Powell were married Sept. 25, 1910. They had eight children (six girls and two boys) and a girl they raised as their daughter, Evelyn Elliott. They had 38 grandchildren; only 24 are living.

The reunion was held on Sept. 21, 2019 on Ashley Mountain at Lake O’ the Pines, with Beverly and Wayne Cordray as host and hostess. There were about 75 present.

A buffet lunch was served at noon, and a memorial service was held later that afternoon for Stanley Fielder, who had died Sept. 9, 2019, and another cousin, Royce Procter, who had died July 16, 2019.

On Sunday, they had breakfast at a local restaurant. They returned to the big house and had a devotional brought by Donnie Seals and had singing and prayer.

Those attending from the James E. (Buddy) Powell family were: Alton and Oleigh Powell Bradshaw from Carthage; John and Carolyn DePresca from Carthage; Mandy Bradshaw Drawhorn; Brandon and Bryce Bradshaw from Longview; Billy and June Broadaway of Carthage; and Len and Loretta Broadaway Arnold of Carthage.

Those attending from the Ruby Powell Biggs family were John Lee Biggs, from Lake O’ the Pines; Sam and Kay Biggs Hathaway from Arlington; and Wayne and Beverly Biggs Cordray from DeBerry.

From the Bonnie Powell Fielder family was Frank (Butch) and Mary Fielder from Greenwood, Louisiana; Robert and Shera Fielder of Hockley; Ricky and Candy Fielder Priest and Jacob, Caleb, Rondi and J.C., all of Greenwood, Louisiana; Jacob and Alicia Laelynn Wiggins of Haughton, Louisiana; Adam, Tara and Fallyn Miller of Bossier City; Chris and Tanya Fielder of Bossier City; Tim Dayon, son of Margaret Fielder; Jack and Cheryl (Fielder) Hardy of DeBerry; and Nikki Estes from Andover, Kansas.

Those from the Ida Proctor (Powell) Cost family were Rick and Christy (Proctor) Herndon and Jay of Grosbeck; Ronnie and Sandy Proctor of Dayton; and Ronnie’s daughter Kerri and husband John Bartee of Dayton.

From the Lula Mae Seals family were Don and Barbara (Seals) from Marshall; Donald and Sharon Seals of Marshall; Judy Seals of Harleton; Selena Nealy Preston and children Kayla, Julie and Chase from Harleton; Gwen Hall from Marshall; Rachel Seals from Jefferson; Crow and Patty Seals of Marshall; Shawn and Lillie Vantteche of Marshall; Andy and Kristen Seals and children Allie and Aver from Whitehouse; Daryl and Bridget (Seals) Griffin from Marshall; and Scotty Seals, who came on Sunday.

Evelyn Elliott did not get to attend because of dental surgery.

Everyone had a great time and is looking forward to next year’s reunion.