Piano students of Elizabeth Morris held a spring recital on May 16 at First United Methodist Church in Carthage.

The recital started with a performance from Anna Duke. Duke played “Noah’s Ark,” “Happy Halloween” and “Boogie Beat,” all by Bastein.

Jaidin Authur performed “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Snow in Winter” and “Ducks on a Pond,” all by Bastein.

Avie Blacklock played “Mary’s Lamb,” “Jesus Loves Me” and “The Bell Tower,” all by Bastein.

Kaylee Dawson performed “Shouts and Whispers,” “Skipping Frogs” and “Four Funny Clowns,” all by Bastein.

Hayden Seals played “Love Somebody,” “This Old Man,” “Yankee Doodle” and “Winking Stars,” all by Bastein.

Travis Lipsey performed “Walk, Don’t Run” by Johnny Smith and “Apache” by anonymous.

Bryson Richey played “On the Teeter-Totter,” “Robbie the Robot” and “My Son John,” all by Bastein.

Olivia Lipsey performed “Prelude in A Minor” by Bach, “On Top of Old Smokey” by Gerald Geraghty and “Down in the Valley” by Jimmie Turlton.

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