A drive to collect paper towels and toilet paper was so successful that there was a minor donation avalanche as organizers were setting them up for Mission Carthage’s monthly produce drop.

“I’m hoping that every family can have at least one pack of toilet paper, not a roll, but a pack of toilet paper, and a roll of paper towels — and it looks like we’re going to accomplish that,” Shona Guenther, director of marketing/admissions for Briarcliff Skilled Nursing Center, said.

The collection drive ran through July, with the Panola County Sheriff’s Office, Heartsway Hospice, Texas Home Health, Winkler Place and Briarcliff teaming up to gather paper goods that struggling families need and may not always be able to afford.

Mission Carthage used to hand out toilet paper and paper towels with its food boxes, but circumstances changed, Guenther and Executive Director Jennifer Randall said.

“So with back-to-school coming up and the people having the extra expense of school supplies, school clothes and all that, we just thought that we would help out and do a drive to get the paper goods back out here this month, help the families,” Guenther said.

Randall thanked everyone who donated in the drive.

“It’s going to be an awesome blessing for them today,” she said of the Mission Carthage clients they’d meet later in the day. “We can’t thank them enough for coming together and doing this for our community.”


Carthage native Meredith Shamburger has worked for the Panola Watchman since 2018. Before that, she worked at sister papers in Longview and Marshall; the Dallas Morning News; and The Daily Voice, a hyperlocal news company in Westchester County, New York.