The Carthage Music Club, affiliated with the National and Texas Federations of Music Clubs, met on Tuesday, Nov. 10 in the Fellowship Hall of Rehobeth United Methodist Church. Vice President Dwaine Hubbard welcomed members and called the meeting to order. Members recited the Federation collect and sang the Federation Hymn, led by Annissa Jackson and accompanied by Becky Gullette.

After a short business meeting, Hubbard introduced Gullette as the program leader. The National Federation of Music Clubs has declared the month of November to be American Music Month. In keeping with this declaration, our program focused on American Folk Music. This music can encompass a variety of musical genres and a variety of topics.

Folk Music tells a story of love and heartbreak, poverty and wealth, frustrations and happiness, oppression and freedom, and everyday life. Some folk songs have been used to promote political agendas, protest wars and bring to light injustice. A folk song can reflect the culture in which it developed or beg and push for a change in that culture.

Gullette chose two types of Folk Music from the 1900s focusing on the Civil Rights movement and the Peace movement. She gave background information and interesting facts about the selections. Members participated in the program in a singalong. Tori Windham assisted in the program by leading the singing and playing her guitar. The program was enjoyed by all members.

Hubbard thanked the hostesses, Ginger Cook, Annissa Jackson and Claire Windham for the grab-and-go refreshments.