Carthage Book Club hears reflections from 'preacher's kid'

Sarah Baker presented a program entitled “Reflections of a PK (Preacher’s Kid)” at the Book Club’s September meeting.

The Carthage Book Club met Sept. 27 at the Texas Tea Room. Hostesses Jackie Rodriguez and Kay Thomas greeted the members as they arrived. Rodriguez gave the invocation. A delicious lunch was served.

President Twink Ross introduced Sarah Baker, who presented the program entitled “Reflections of a PK (Preacher’s Kid).” Sarah Jordan was born in Pittsburg and began her life of living in United Methodist church parsonages.

Sarah told several funny stories about some escapades with her brother, nicknamed “Two Bits,” who went on to be a Methodist preacher.

When they moved to Baytown, she met some lifelong friends. Tate Barber’s mother, Judy, was one of her best friends and Sarah was also very good friends with Katheryn Barber’s mother, Connie.

Their next move took Sarah’s family into Houston. At age 15, Sarah met a handsome teenager named Bob Baker! A few years later they got married.

Sarah attended Southwestern University. Music has always been a big part of Sarah’s life. She plays the piano and has been a choir member at First United Methodist Church in Carthage for many years.

Sarah told the group that the song “Unexpected Places” was her favorite song. She ended her program with these words from this song: “I will always have a song, and I will keep on singing it.”

President Ross then called the meeting to order, and Rodriguez led the club in the Collect. Secretary Jean Bunyard then called the roll and read the minutes. Tresa Joffrion gave the treasurer’s report.

There was some discussion about the upcoming Tour of Homes scheduled for Dec. 8, 2019.

After the business meeting, President Ross thanked the hostesses and adjourned the meeting.