Omowali Lumumba’s Giving to the Community Birthday Celebration on Tuesday, Sept. 28 was “a great success” and very well attended.

Six authentic African Djembe drums were given away to Adein Williams, 4; Caydence Cato, 5; Kimofi Andrus, 8; Shereka Newson’s son, aged 10; Andrew Alison, 14; and Janyah Okra, 15.

A free, $50 cash prize dominoes tournament was held. Because of the lateness of the time, the final two winning challengers, Mrs. Jo Elaine Hawkins and Mr. John Guy Tucker, both decided to split the prize.

Lumumba also received 40 names submitted for the new part of the African-American Wall of Fame and will sponsor 24 of them who meet the criteria.

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