First Baptist Church of Carthage recently hosted “In the Beginning” winter camp at Daniel Springs Baptist Encampment. Over the course of three days, third- through sixth-graders from First Baptist Church and Cedar Grove Baptist Church of Carthage learned about how God created the universe and humanity.

Several American Heritage Girls from Troop TX0330 provided support. Dannah Miller, Emily Pauly and Emily Wall set up board games for the children to play with and learn from, helped supervise and got to know some of the kids.

First Baptist volunteers taught the classes, led worship and encouraged growth in the children’s faith. Kevin Cook created the curriculum and served as camp director. Cook scheduled and organized the activities, taught classes, led worship time and prayed over the children. The curriculum was developed with research and information from Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Resources.

Cook stated that he would like to do other camps, including an abbreviated track for first- and second-graders, as well as a track for teens and adults.