Have you and your family been thinking about backyard chickens, either for eggs or meat? If you answered yes, then mark your calendar and make plans to join Texas A&M AgriLife Extension service as we go live with a specialist covering crucial information needed to not only start a small-scale poultry program but to be successful at it.

This four-day, online lunchtime learning program is an excellent opportunity for homeowners, regardless of current experience and knowledge in poultry, to expand and become successful in raising a small backyard poultry flock.

Starting May 18 and running through May 21, from noon to 1 p.m. each day, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Specialist will go live covering topics such as bird selection; which breeds work best for backyard eggs; as well as looking into healthy management practices crucial for overall flock health. Additional topics to discuss will include tips on increasing egg production as well as safety measures for handling eggs in home and for egg sales.

This will be a free program provided to the people of Panola County as well as all Texas. To join in the fun, simply type in the link below in your webpage search engine: https://agrilife.zoom.us/j/97760199331?pwd=UkF2azVUclVYd1pFRmJPYytPVnRkUT09. For additional questions, contact me at (903) 693-0300 ext 161.

AgriLife Extension to Host Virtual Ag Industry Meeting

For all land management programs, weed control/suppression is critical for success.

Even more important though is properly identifying those non-desirable plants so that we can use the correct herbicidal management practice. Frequently, simple plant keys or “picture book” identification guides are used to identify these weeds. However, some plant taxonomy keys can be quite complex and require an advanced understanding of plant structure. In the East Texas area, weeds that give area producers the most concern can be classified into one of three different categories: broad leaves, grasses or sedges.

Join us Thursday, May 21 as we dig deep into understanding the parts of these different weeds and how this knowledge will guide you as a producer in selecting the correct herbicides.

To register for the Zoom class please go to: https://agriliferegister.tamu.edu/Pasture and select Pasture Weed Identification and Control Webinar. The fee for this program will be $10.25.

For additional questions, contact me at (903) 693-0300 ext 161 or email at jldudley@ag.tamu.edu.

Lee Dudley is a Panola County Extension Agent.