The Jan. 17, 1982 paper reported on what they called the biggest snowfall in memory.

Here's your Wednesday afternoon updates as Panola County deals with ice, snow and freezing temperatures.

Panola County remains under a winter warning through Thursday mid-day.

Active Boil Notices:

Deadwood Water Supply

A&P Water Supply

Gary Water Supply

The City of Carthage is also advising residents not to try to shut off their water themselves.

Sheriff's Office encourages people to stay off the roads

The Panola County Sheriff's Office is encouraging people to stay off the roads as they become even more icy.

"Our office is flooded with calls from people wanting road conditions and road closure information. Folks, THEY ARE ALL BAD! There are too many bad roads to close them all, so just don’t drive unless it’s an emergency," Sheriff Kevin Lake said.

Road closures included Texas 315 from the loop to U.S. 259, FM 1970 from FM 999 to U.S. 84, FM 10 from FM 2517 to Gary (local traffic only), County Road 175 from FM 999 to FM 1970.

"We’ve worked non-stop for the past 3 days going to the aid of those in need, and we continue to do so," Lake said. "Our Fire Departments, EMS, all law enforcement agencies, road crews, and tow truck services are doing all they can for your needs and your safety. Call if you need us, we’ll do what we can, but we’re becoming LIMITED on what we can do to help you!"

Panola County grocery stores, gas stations are open

With the freezing weather, people are looking for places to get food and gas. HEB in Carthage is running low in some areas, but in other areas they're doing well, said grocery manager John Johnson.

"I can tell you that I'm out of milk and eggs. I still have lactose free milk and different stuff like that in the half gallons, but I don't have any gallons anymore or yogurt or things like that," he said. "I have no more eggs. I'm starting to run low on bread. Produce is looking pretty decent right now, but produce within days will start going bad, and we have to start pulling the stuff that's going bad. (Meat) market's looking pretty good right now, and of course frozen is pretty good as well."

After being closed Monday, HEB had a decent amount of people coming in Tuesday. Wednesday it's been slower. They don't expect any supply trucks until Saturday.

HEB's current hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"We're here to help the community in any way we can," Johnson said.

Brookshire Brothers, including its pharmacy, is also open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"Our staff and selection of essential food items are limited right now; however, we expect delivery trucks to be back on the roads soon to help us restock our shelves," said Melissa Crager, Public Relations and Corporate Responsibility Manager. "We greatly appreciate our customers, who have always supported us, and we are proud to support them in their time of need.

"Our incredible team members are here to serve our incredible customers."

The Bulldawg Stop is out of gasoline, but they do have food still available.

"Right now we're fixing to be out around noon or a little bit after," owner Frank Willis said Wednesday morning. "We probably won't get it again until Friday or Saturday."

Willis said they have a bunch of people coming in.

"We're serving food and stuff, but we're getting short on that too 'cause the trucks can't get to us," he said. "... We probably will (remain open), depends on how our food holds out, and hopefully we can get some more food after tomorrow after it starts clearing up a little bit."

Bink's Quick Stop in Carthage, however, does have gasoline available.

"We're doing good," manager Bridget Marrow said. "So far so good."

They also have food available.

"I know that people are having problems finding food to eat, like hot food," Marrow said. "We do good food. We have burgers, grilled chicken, sandwiches, BLTs, clubs, chicken fried steak sandwiches, pork chops. We just have a little bit of everything."

Zippy J's in Beckville also has plenty of gas.

"We topped it off Saturday and Sunday," manager Naomi Perez said. :We should probably be good for the rest of the cold weather, 'cause a lot of people are not really traveling too far. We'll probably last the next couple days."

A lot of people are coming in for food too.

"And we've sold a lot of beer," Perez said. "Nobody can do nothing."

Graves Truck Stop has just about run out of food, but they still have gas available.

City of Carthage notes upcoming trash schedule changes

Waste Connections will pick up its commercial routes, as well as hot spots such as apartments and grocery stores, on Saturday, Feb. 20, the City of Carthage said.

All regularly-scheduled trash routes will start again on Monday, Feb. 22.

The city said the Transfer Station (dump) will open again on Monday.

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