The swimming area at Lake Murvaul is now closed as officials test a suspected algae bloom.

An as-yet-unconfirmed algae hit the shore Friday in the Lake Murvaul swimming area, and lake officials have closed the area for now.

Lake Board member Sammy Peace also posted a public update that the lake is recommending people do not eat any fish out of the lake until some answers are found.

Peace said a sample of algae, thought maybe to be blue-green algae, has been collected by the Texas Parks & Wildlife biologists to be tested.

“We will not know for sure until the test results come back,” Peace updated. “The Sabine River Authority contacted me Saturday wanting to do some testing also since the Lake Murvaul Spillway dumps into Murvaul Creek, Sabine River and on to Toledo Bend. They will get with me Monday morning and go out and take water samples around the lake.

“Hopefully these samples will get us headed in the right direction on finding a solution to this problem,” he said. “I will be updating with everything we find. We have decided to close the swimming area during this crisis. We recommend that you do not consume any fish out of the lake until we get some answers.”

TPWD was notified April 16 about a fish kill at the lake, and officials went out on April 20 to record the event and determine the cause, TPWD said. The team found several species of dead fishes, including Channel Catfish, Bullhead Catfish, Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, shad and Alligator Gar, at numerous locations, but water quality was within normal ranges, TPWD said at the time.

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