The North and East Texas Press Association, in conjunction with the Texas Press Association, will award two $1,500 scholarships this year — one to a graduating high school senior and one to a currently enrolled college student.

The scholarships are payable at $1,500 in the fall semester to the registrar of the college of the recipient’s choice after the scholarship recipient has sent proof of registration to NETPA Secretary Cher Thompson.

Applications must be postmarked by March 19 to be considered. Winners will be notified by March 25.

Applicants must be from the area served by NETPA — Panola County is included — and have a declared major in journalism, communications or photojournalism. Preference is given to print media majors.

High school applicants should submit parts 1-4 below with materials in the scholarship application submission.

College applicants may omit No. 3a.

1. Complete the attached application and include a resume that includes scholastic, athletic and community activities.

2. Provide a current official transcript certified by school or college registrar.

3. High school applicants should submit three letters of recommendation from:

a) senior, junior or dual credit college English instructor

b) publication adviser or local newspaper supervisor student has been employed

c) from a person of the applicant’s choice

4. All applicants must submit clips of published work. Include publication dates.

Applicants may send photocopies of work as published in newspaper, yearbook, magazine or eEditions. Please mount photocopies and newspaper clippings on paper and place in folder or binder or create a digital portfolio.

Include a cover sheet with the following information: student’s name, the scholarship you are applying for (scholastic high school or collegiate), address, phone number and email.

Scholarship winners are responsible for submitting proof of college registration to NETPA Financial Officer Cher Thompson at before scholarship monies will be sent to college. The scholarship will be revoked if the scholarship recipient’s major changes.

Send the completed application and portfolio to: Suzanne Bardwell, Gladewater Mirror, 211 North Main St., Gladewater, TX. 75647 or email with the appropriate attachments required.

The NETPA Scholarship Application may also be accessed on the NETPA and ILPC websites. If you have any questions or wish to receive these materials by email, contact

At judges’ discretion, two scholarships may be awarded in one category and none in the other based on the quality of the applications.

For more information or an application, please email Watchman Editor Meredith Shamburger at