More than 10,000 East Texans are without power this morning as AEP Southwestern Electric Power Co. continues emergency controlled outages following a massive winter storm.

At 8 a.m., the power company reported outages to 6,363 customers in Gregg County, 2,100 in Harrison County, 3,441 in Rusk County, 1,035 in Shelby, 356 in Upshur and 506 in Panola County.

In a statement on its website, SWEPCO said the outages are an emergency procedure to reduce strain on the electric system and prevent wider-area outages after a winter storm dumped around 10 inches of snow on East Texas and pushed temperatures to what could be record lows.

“SWEPCO is rotating the areas affected by the controlled outages so customers are not without service for more than a few hours whenever possible,” the statement posted at 7 a.m. today said. “The amount of time required to restore service could be delayed in some cases due to system and weather conditions. The temporary outages should not affect critical public health and public safety facilities.”

The company announced the planned emergency outages on Monday. In another message later Monday, it said they had been stopped.

Customers with power are asked to continue to conserve energy.

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