Campaign signs line the Panola County courthouse parking lot during early voting in the March 2020 primaries.

8:36 p.m.: unofficial totals

District 9

Williams 1247

Paddie 2861

GOP Chair

Lawless 2821

Tarpley 941

8:32 p.m.: Panola County EV and mail out ballots in the Democratic primary:


Michael Bennet 4

Robby Wells 1

Bernie Sanders 49

Deval Patrick 0

Joseph Biden 111

Marianne Williamson 2

Michael Bloomberg 59

Tulsi Gabbard 2

John Delaney 0

Elizabeth Warren 27

Roque De La Fuente 0

Cory Booker 1

Tom Steyer 1

Julian Castro 0

Andrew Yang 1

Pete Buttigieg 18

Amy Klobuchar 10

US Senator

D.R. Hunter 10

Annie “Mama” Garcia 35

Royce West 34

Amanda Edwards 28

Chris Bell 64

Jack Daniel Foster Jr. 6

Mary MJ Hegar 47

Victor Hugo Harris 5

Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez 17

Sema Hernandez 5

Michael Cooper 13

Adrian Ocegueda 3

US Rep District 1

Hank Gilbert 203

Railroad Commissioner 

Roberto Alonzo 62

Kelly Stone 70

Mark Watson

Chrysta Castaneda 51

Chief Justice Supreme Court

Jerry Zimmerer 61

Amy Clark Meachum 189

Justice Place 6

Larry Praeger 86

Kathy Cheng 170

Justice Place 7

Brandy Voss 91

Staci Williams 162

Justice Place 8

Peter Kelly 118

Gisela Triana 131

Judge Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3

Dan Wood 67

William Pieratt Demond 20

Elizabeth Davis Frizell 168

Judge Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4

Tina Clinton 205

Steven Miears 55

Judge Court of Criminal Appeals Place 9

Brandon Birmingham 229

State Board of Education District 9

Brenda Davis 240

State Senator District 1

Audrey Spanko 235

County Chair

John Foster 202

8:05 p.m.: Republican results for early voting and mail out ballots continued:

Judge Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4

Kevin Yeary 1,538

Judge Court of Criminal Appeals Place 9

David Newell 1,537

State Board of Education District 9

Keven M. Ellis 1,531

State Senator District 1

Bryan Hughes 1,580

State Representative District 9

Mark Williams 505

Chris Paddie 1,416

6th Court of Appeals Place 3

Ralph Burgess 1,538

123rd District Judge

LeAnn Kay Rafferty 1,630


Kevin Lake 1,783

Tax Assessor/Collector

Holly Gibbs 1,678

County Commissioner Pct. 1

Billy Alexander 575

County Commissioner Pct. 3

Craig Lawless 207

Constable Pct. 1 and 4

Bryan Murff 1,048

Constable Pct. 2 and 3

Charlie Blue 660

County Chair

Linda Lawless 1,306

Nicole Tarpley 459

7:55 p.m.: More Panola County early voting and mail out ballot totals. This is the Republican totals. 


Bill Weld 0

Zoltan Istvan 0

Roque De La Fuente Guerra 2

Donald Trump 1,911

Joe Walsh 8

Bob Ely 0

Matthew John Matern 1

Uncommitted 31

US Senator

John Anthony Castro 103

Mark Yancey 166

John Cornyn 1,337

Virgil Bierschwale 13

Dwayne Stovall 194

US Rep District 1

Louie Gohmert 1,701

Jonathan Kyle Davidson 182

Railroad Commissioner

Ryan Sutton 732

James Jim Wright 949

Chief Justice Supreme Court

Nathan Hecht 1,588

Justice Place 6

Jane Bland 1,575

Justice Place 7

Jeff Boyd 1,566

Justice Place 8

Brett Busby 1,522

Judge Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3

Gina Parker 821

Bert Richardson 803

7:21 p.m.: Early voting and mail out ballot totals are in  

Early voting and mail out ballot results:

Total ballots: 2,250

Rrepublican 1,962

Democrats 288

Registered voters 16,442

District 9 Race

Mark Williams 505

Chris Paddie 1,416

GOP Chair Race

Linda Lawless 1,306

Nicole Tarpley 459

6:00 p.m.: We're kicking off our election night live blog about an hour before the polls close in the March 2020 primaries. We'll be updating this post throughout the night as election results are posted.

There's still time to vote if you haven't. If you're in line by 7 p.m., you can vote.

Registered voters must pick whether they want to vote in the Republican primary or the Democratic primary. Voting will take place at individual polling places. Voters should check their voter registration card to find out where to vote.

Polling Places

Pct. 1: Carthage Missionary Baptist Church, 916 W. Sabine St. in Carthage

Pct. 2: Carthage Community Center, 200 Park Drive in Carthage

Pct. 3: Beckville United Methodist Church, 141 W. Van Buren in Beckville

Pct. 5: Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 5209 FM 959 in Beckville

Pct. 7: Community Four VFD Substation, 254 County Road 3151 in DeBerry

Pct. 8: Shady Grove Baptist Church, 138 County Road 314 in DeBerry

Pct. 9: Community Four VFD, 112 FM 9 in Waskom

Pct. 10: Midyett Baptist Church, 601 County Road 326 in DeBerry

Pct. 12: Deadwood Community Center, 752 County Road 445 in Carthage

Pct. 13: Woods VFD, 208 County Road 425 in Tenaha

Pct. 14: Gary City Hall, 2607 FM 999 in Gary

Pct. 18: Clayton Community Center, 4580 Texas 315 in Carthage

Pct. 19: Old Center Community Center, 7093 FM 699 in Tenaha

Pct. 20: Murvaul Baptist Church, 3390 FM 10 in Carthage

Pct. 22: Walnut Springs Baptist Church, 1806 FM 1186 in DeBerry

Pct. 26: Panola Christian Church, 7881 FM 2517 in Carthage

Pct. 27: Turner Alumni Center, 1023 MLK Blvd. in Carthage

Pct. 28: Carthage Civic Center, 1702 S. Adams St. in Carthage

Pct. 29: Galloway Methodist Church, 217 County Road 4562 in Carthage


The March primaries will decide who is the Republican and Democrat running for local, state and federal positions in November’s general election, including President.

Locally, there are two contested races in the Republican primary and none in the Democratic primary.

Incumbent Chris Paddie and challenger Mark Williams are running for State Representative District 9 in the Republican primary. Read our profile of Paddie here and our profile of Williams here.

Incumbent Nicole Tarpley and challenger Linda Lawless are running for the Panola County Republican Party Chair seat. Read our profile of Tarpley and Lawless here.

Incumbent Bryan Hughes is running for State Senate District 1 in the Republican primary, while challenger Audrey Spanko is running for that position in the Democrat primary. Neither have drawn a challenger, so they will face off in the November general election.

Those running unopposed in their Republican primary and who face no Democratic challenger in November include 123rd District Judge LeAnn Kay Rafferty, Panola County Sheriff Kevin Lake, Panola County Constable Pct. 1 and 4 Bryan Murff, Panola County Constable Pct. 2 and 3 Charlie Blue, Pct. 1 Commissioner William Alexander, Pct. 3 Commissioner Craig Lawless, Tax Assessor/Collector Holly Gibbs.

Incumbent John Foster is running unopposed for the Panola County Democrat Party Chair slot.