The Hollands Quarters Water Supply Corporation has issued a public notice after the agency said “oversight” caused it to fail to collect a required bacteriological sample, thus violating state and federal rules.

The water supply said customers do not need to do anything at this time; the agency is just reporting the violation.

The agency is required, following a positive routing total coliform result, to submit source bacteriological samples for the groundwater system’s fecal indicator monitoring — one source sample for every active groundwater well source.

The water supply says in May 2019 it failed to collect the required number of bacteriological samples required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s Drinking Water Standards and the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

The water supply said a level 1 assessment was performed in May 2019, but it was not reported due to an oversight.

“Triggered source samples are used to monitor water quality and indicate if the water is free of fecal indicator bacteria,” the water supply said in its notice, adding “Failure to collect all required triggered source samples is a violation of the monitoring requirements and we are required to notify you of this violation.”

For more information, contact the Hollands Quarters Water Supply Corporation at (866) 442-4645 or P.O. Box 146, Carthage, TX 75633.