Ryan Vance took this photo of downtown Carthage blanketed in snow using a drone.

Travel is likely to be more "treacherous" Wednesday than Monday or Tuesday, with a 70% chance of a quarter-inch accumulation of ice for East Texas overnight and into Wednesday.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Gary Chatelain offered that assessment Tuesday of the second storm that will hit the area Tuesday night. Tuesday's weather was expected to be mostly uneventful until until about 10 p.m. to midnight for the area.

"(It's the) calm before the next storm," Chatelain said.

"We've got all the mess on the ground still, and the clouds are increasing as we speak," but they're at a high altitude as of Tuesday morning, he said. They'll get slower and thicker, he said.

The clouds will arrive in Tyler around 10 p.m. and then in Longview around 11 p.m. to midnight and bring a light freezing rain with sleet,  which is super-cold rain that turns to ice when it hits something cold, such as a car, Chatelain said. 

"It continues to increase as we get toward daybreak and even after sunrise it's a mix of freezing rain and sleet," he said. "It will transition to snow as the day goes into Wednesday. That's how it's going to end is all snow."

Ice accumulation could be as little as one-tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch for this area.

All of that could mean more power outages, as ice accumulates on trees and power lines.

"We're just getting started on this," Chatelain said. "We're not over the hill."

AEP-Southwestern Electric Power Co. is preparing for the second storm.

"Ice, freezing rain and ice, are some of the biggest challenges on the electric system during the winter," SWEPCO spokesman Peter Main said Tuesday. "Freezing rain and ice weigh down the power lines and the trees and can cause a lot of damage to the system. We are working to bring in more than 3,000 line, tree and support personnel, in addition to our own workforce, and we are setting up staging areas in Longview, Shreveport, Bossier City, Texarkana and Natchitoches, Louisiana."

Longview and Tyler set new cold weather records Tuesday morning, Chatelain said. Tyler's low temperature was -6, while Longview's was -5. 

Temperatures weren't expected to be that low again, with lows in the 20s until Friday, when the low could be between 10 and 15 degrees. Highs on Thursday and Friday will be in the 30s. The snow and ice is expected to remain until the weekend when temperatures his the 40s and 50s by Sunday.

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