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Tuesday is Election Day and the last chance to vote in the November elections.

One local sales tax referendum and 10 state constitutional amendments are on the ballots. There are no local offices up for election.

Election Day voting takes place at voters’ individual precincts from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Check your individual voter registration card for your precinct number.

Election Day polling places are:

  • 0001 (southwest Carthage) — Carthage Missionary Baptist Church
  • 0002 (northwest Carthage) — Carthage Community Center
  • 0003 (Beckville) — Beckville United Methodist Church
  • 0005 (Harris Chapel) — Mt. Zion Baptist Church
  • 0007 (DeBerry) — Community Four VFD substation
  • 0008 (Tacoma) — Shady Grove Baptist Church
  • 0009 (Bethany) — Community Four Fire Station
  • 0010 (Midyett) — Midyett Baptist Church
  • 0012 (Deadwood) — Deadwood Community House
  • 0013 (Woods) — Woods Community House
  • 0014 (Gary) — Gary City Hall
  • 0018 (Clayton) — Clayton Community House
  • 0019 (Old Center) — Old Center Community House
  • 0020 (Murvaul) — Murvaul Baptist Fellowship Hall
  • 0022 (Horton) — Walnut Springs Baptist Church
  • 0026 (Panola) — Panola Baptist Church
  • 0027 (northeast Carthage) — Turner Alumni Building
  • 0028 (southeast Carthage) — Carthage Civic Center
  • 0029 (Galloway) — Galloway Community House

Panola County

Panola County residents living in the Emergency Service District No. 1 — in essence anyone living outside of Carthage —are being asked to decide on a sales tax referendum.

The Panola County Emergency Services District No. 1 is asking for the adoption of a local sales and use tax at the rate of one half percent. If approved, monies raised by the increase in sales tax would be able to be used for the emergency district’s operations and equipment.

State Constitution Amendments

Statewide, Texans will be voting on 10 new constitutional amendments.

A non-partisan voters’ guide from the Texas League of Women Voters is available online at or in physical form at libraries throughout the state.

Early Voting

About 3.56 percent of all registered Panola County voters — 580 out of a total of 16,300 — had voted up through the close of business on Wednesday, the Texas Secretary of State’s office reported.

The first week of early voting saw 50 voters on Monday, 83 voters on Tuesday, 78 voters on Wednesday, 69 voters on Thursday and 55 voters on Friday. During the second week of early voting, there were 79 voters on Monday, 60 voters on Tuesday and 98 voters on Wednesday.

Information in this story comes from the Panola County Elections Office and the Texas League of Women Voters.