Principal's Purpose: Loy Dorsey welcomed at Gary ISD

New Gary ISD Principal Loy Dorsey always makes time for his students when they need help.

Principal Loy Dorsey sows discipline to reap success. People tend to get what they need in the end, and Principal Dorsey has become a man on a mission to help his school succeed. He has made small changes to school procedures that have really helped our campus flourish and avoid accidents. Why? Because it’s his job.

During the interview conducted with Principal Dorsey, the Growl learned that away from school he helps raise and donate money to help struggling kids. He also works with young kids at his church and drives people who are unable to drive themselves.

“I help support kids specifically during Christmas time,” Dorsey said. “I work with the fifth and sixth grade youth on Wednesday nights as well. I drive a van about once every six weeks for people who can’t get places on their own.”

Dorsey also mentions that we have privileges that most of the schools he’s been to don’t have.

“I’ve never been to a school where they let you have your phones out on campus,” Dorsey said. “I appreciate the fact that the administration trusts you guys.”

When asked whether he trusts the students, Dorsey calmly replies, “They haven’t proven me wrong.”

Everyone has to do something in life that they don’t want to and Dorsey is no exception.

“I once took a job as an assistant principal when an old friend asked for my help because they were about to be taken over by the Texas Education Agency,” Dorsey said. “I ended up firing two or three coaches that year who were my friends, but they weren’t disciplining the students. I was the one who had to step up in the end and deal with those athletes.”

Whether or not you agree with Dorsey’s style, you have to give him credit for doing what he thinks is right; not everybody will do that.