Darcy Johnson didn’t know much about flowers when she and her mother, Jeanette Parker, bought the Carthage Flower Shop in 2014, but she learned along the way.

“I had no idea about flowers,” Johnson said. “We just saw it and were like ‘Oh it should be easy.’ It was not easy. It’s not easy, but we had a couple great people along the way help us and show us, and we just went from there.”

Johnson said she enjoys being her own boss at the Flower Shop, and that she absolutely loves having the business. The people are a big part of what make the job good.

“We deal from first dates to first babies and everything in between, so it’s just a nice, just getting to know people’s lives and everything about that... so it’s just the flexibility, and it’s just nice to be able to do my own thing and make people happy,” Johnson said.

The shop doesn’t just sell flowers.

“I feel like especially with the sympathy part of it, flowers aren’t gonna last forever, so I really strive to find unique gift items for family members that are going through a loss, just so that they have something to keep,” Johnson said. “So that’s really what I try to keep a lot of, is my sympathy pieces. And then of course your school stuff and mascots and then just realtor gifts, so we just try to keep a little bit of everything, because not everybody likes flowers, but we do deliver, so we deliver anything, gifts to flowers.”

Johnson said her favorite floral arrangements to do are the sympathy arrangements.

“Usually as a loved one passes, their final tributes just mean a little bit more, so I think I like doing sympathy arrangements better,” she said. “You’re able to get a little more creative with a sympathy piece rather than just a vase arrangement. It’s a little bit easier to knock into that creative side.”

When it comes to winning best florist in Best of Panola, Johnson is excited.

“I was runner-up last year, and so I was like ‘I am not gonna be runner-up again,’ so I shared it a bunch on Facebook, and I guess my costumers came through and really like us, so we were pretty excited about that,” she said.

The Carthage Flower Shop is located at 107 N. Saint Mary St. on the square in Carthage. They are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.