Panola County Judge LeeAnn Jones reported one additional COVID-19 death, bringing the total to 21, and several additional cases early Tuesday.

The new cases include three nursing home residents, two members of the public and four nursing home employees, bringing the cumulative total to 185.

Jones said 72 of the cases and 11 deaths are from Briarcliff Skilled Nursing Center; 34 of the cases and seven deaths are from Panola Nursing and Rehabilitation; 62 of the cases and three deaths were in the general community; 15 of the cases are from Tyson (that number is only Panola County residents; at least 22 total cases have been reported from the Carthage plant); and two of the cases were from UT Health.

Jones said there were 24 recoveries at Briarcliff, 10 at Tyson and 8 from the public. It’s unknown how many recoveries there are from Panola Nursing, Jones said.