I’ve been at CDC since 2006. I’m a Captain in the United States Public Health Service, a veterinarian, and an epidemiologist. So why is a veterinarian working for a human health agency? That’s because of One Health, the close connection between human health, animal health, and the health of our shared environment. People, animals, and the environment face many of the same health challenges, so it’s important for experts from different backgrounds and organizations to work together to protect health for all. I grew up on a small ranch in Texas and I’ve been around animals my entire life. When I first learned that some diseases, called zoonotic diseases, could be shared between animals and people, I was intrigued! At an early age, I knew I wanted a career that protected the health of both people and animals. Veterinarians are an essential part of public health because we understand animals and how interactions with animals and our shared environment can affect human health. During my CDC career, I’ve investigated outbreaks in the field, traveled around the world to help prevent zoonotic diseases, and helped people understand how to prevent and control infectious diseases. My team also works to promote the benefits of having animals in our lives, and the simple things we can do to stay safe and healthy while enjoying the animals we love. I love my job because I get to combine my veterinary medical expertise and public health training to make the world a better place by protecting the health of people, animals, and our shared environment. I’m Captain Casey Barton Behravesh and I am CDC!

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